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Random Images - Canon 30D

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Take 50 shots to get one good one LOL

self shot dining room mirror

Trixie Claus
Trixie trying on her Christmas Outfit

Cheesecake at Babalu Grille
Dessert at one of our favorite restaurants Babalu Grille. Great Cuban Cuisine

Backyard play

Backyard play II

Stop Taking My Picture Will You

Exhausted from All day in the Yard
Trixie barked at and chased the neighbor's dogs through the fence for hours. The 85mm 1.2 makes DOF easy LOL

Charging My Batteries aka Sun Worship
4 days Off! Time to re-energize! Between work, school and the daily grind, my creative juices needed a boost. Think I will have a Turkey sandwich to top off my tanks =) View On Black Digital Rebel IR Remote

Murdered ... Cherry Pie
Thanksgiving Day 2007

Fall leaves BackYard II
Fall in My Backyard

BackYard Weed

Fall leaves BackYard

a quickr pickr post

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