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I am one class away from finishing my degree, I gave my self some early graduation gifts.  I intend to really ramp up my photography!

First shot with the 35. The reason for the new gear, early graduation presents to myself. Started last class Mon! Then I am gonna go at this photography real hard! I included the Dell remote in the shot because that is what I had been using to remotely trigger the camera, hopefully that will all change now =)

New Addition to the Family
The Toy I was most anticipating! 85 on 35.

Rotating Flash Bracket Extended Test_
Let's see the UPS guy left the delivery on the front porch 1/2 hour before I left for work. had a chance to open everything and take a couple of snaps... looks goofy I know, but I am having a ball. Can't wait to get home and try out what I received.

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