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Working on my Strobist Chops

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I have never done much flash photography, which is ironic in that I love shooting in low light situations.  I tend to use fast glass and compensate using ISO adjustments.  In anticipation of some new gear, I have started reading up on and practicing flash techniques and theory.  Here are a couple of examples of "off camera" flash and high key PP manipulations.

High Key Mini Me-3
High Key Practice (2) off camera flashes. Trying to learn some Strobist chops in anticipation of some new gear. Just in case anyone thinks he needs to tighten up his salute, he is actually trying to shield his eyes from the bright flash. =)

High Key Mini Me-2
High Key Practice (2) off camera flashes

High Key Mini Me-1
High Key Practice (2) off camera flashes

The Shadow
Using the flash off-camera produced the ominous shadow.

Is that a new flash Daddy?
First time he has seen me using the flash Off-camera.

One of the many sites I am reading while I learn the new "Strobist" Science!

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