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this little piggy didnt make it to market  - VoxEfx
Roasting meat over an open fire is the oldest method of cooking known to man. The sight of a whole animal roasting over a fire is one that people can't help but enjoy. Barbecue rotisserie cooking is the center of a party! The world of barbecue cooking unlocks countless new doors for your restaurant or catering operation. The mobility and versatility of a cooking unit that can go from personal use to catering affairs of any size to serving thousands of people at an outdoor festival adds a new dimension to your operation that sets you apart from your competition. The popularity of grilled food and the atmosphere created by outdoor cooking has continued to increase. Whether you intend to feed hundreds of people at a catered event, or your family at a backyard party, barbecue cooking is the way to go. The particular aspect of "barbecue" cooking that we are exploring in this article is the pig roast. source

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