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Lux Ex Tenebris - Photographer: Voxefx

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Off a crowded highway, 
on a busy street, 
the world doesn’t remember. 
That this place 
was once inhabited. 

 In the coming years, 
It won’t matter 
who called this home. 
No one will consider 
that the memories still linger 
or that they might 
still cling to the sun 
during every day 
that it peers through the curtains. 
Out of the dimness and decay 
springs a glimmer of light: 
A whisper in the silence, 
a reminder of what once was. 

Through the peeling ceiling 
and the moth eaten draperies, 
this glimmer of hope emerges 
from undisturbed dust piles. 
 Soft and small, she writhes within her surroundings, 
 with no one to dance with 
but the shadows on the wall. 

In this cacophonous rhapsody of silence 
Loneliness abounds.

By: Echo Manika

Vox Efx Photography
Echo Manika
 — with Echo Manika and Vox Efx at Voxefx Photography.

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